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Frequently called upon by corporate senior management to act in a consultancy role on major projects, Sylvia is a seasoned program manager and SAP adviser of broad experience. She has more than 20 years of experience of financial management, including 18 years involvement in the implementation of SAP projects and 13 years of project management. Sylvia also held senior roles in major consultancy firms.

Among her numerous projects, Sylvia has participated in all stages of the life cycle of SAP projects with many and varied clients, and in several different sectors of industry, namely manufacturing, rail transportation, public utilities (electricity and gas), aerospace, food services, heavy equipment, papermaking, etc. In carrying out her mandates, she has always demonstrated a solid capacity for analysis and an ability to adopt a global business perspective.

Thanks to her solid management and leadership skills, Sylvia led and supervised very large teams of more than 250 consultants; she excels in rallying the troops around a common objective and coordinating the simultaneous efforts of multiple teams. She is therefore the ideal person to manage major projects aimed at implementing complex systems.

In 2005, her social conscience led her to create a fund to help needy students complete their studies at HEC Montréal by means of bursaries.


Tarek is an experienced project manager whose expertise, acquired over more than 20 years of work on IT projects, ranges from conception and implementation right through project management. His experience includes nearly 16 years of SAP solutions implementation.

Tarek also has a wealth of experience in the Business Intelligence sector and has assisted numerous clients in defining their BI strategy and implementation.

His many years of experience has made him a valuable actor for companies operating in the following fields: manufacturing, production, media, public sector, automobile, food services, transportation and consumer goods. Tarek knows how to establish and maintain close and solid relationships with his clients and the teams he manages, a fact that ensures the loyalty of both his clients and business partners.


Sylvie regards client satisfaction as being at the core of her actions. In the best interest of the client, she will gather all the required elements in order to provide superior services at the right price.

With more than 25 years of experience in business development in Canada and Europe, she has assisted and advised numerous clients in a number of different business sectors, including manufacturing, telecommunications, aerospace, transportation, pulp and paper, public utilities, media, food services, entertainment, consumer goods, healthcare, etc.

Her vast business experience has given her a profound understanding of the preoccupations and challenges her clients have to face. From this solid base, she is able to come up with solutions that generate an added value for the companies concerned.
Sylvie has much experience of the SAP solutions and its ecosystem. She has assisted and advised numerous clients who have opted for an SAP solution. She has also been involved in a number of partnerships with multiple business partners.


Jean is a highly qualified IT and electronic business consultant. With more than 20 years of experience, he is known as an influential ERP solution expert in Québec. More specifically, for the past 15 years, he has been counselling numerous SMEs across Québec regarding their choice of ERP. This experience allowed him to analyze hundreds of different software solutions in multiple industries such as manufacturing, distribution, services and others.

As a partner and Vice President for Cloud solutions for Projexia since 2015, Jean makes the most of his vaste experience within the ERP environment and of his several years of experience as an entrepreneur when he was CEO of Technologia Consulting.

Thanks to his ability to understand both SMEs and entrepreneurs’ business challenges, Jean is an essential asset to any company in need of a Cloud solution, whether it is an ERP, CRM, or an online business platform.

Jean’s goal is to continue the SAP Cloud practice growth at Projexia, to serve a diversified Canadian clientele and to maintain Projexia’s position as the Canadian leader for SAP Cloud solutions.